• World Finance Announces
    Winners of Wealth
    Management Awards 2015

    SFB Wealth Management voted best wealth manager in Lebanon

    LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Jan. 19, 2016) - Wealth management firms today must adapt or face extinction, and growing competition, combined with the digital sphere's ever-increasing influence, has given rise to a new era in wealth management. The World Finance Wealth Management Awards 2015 take a look at the most important names in the business and hint at where the sector could be headed.


    SFB SAL Wealth Management provides specialist advice and services with a boutique approach designed to suit your individual circumstances, needs, and your long-term financial goals.

    Our clients are typically high net worth Individuals, families and family-owned companies who come to us knowing that we provide a comprehensive range of expert wealth planning services conducted with integrity and confidentiality.


    The company was founded in 1946 as a financial institution performing financial services activities between regional clients and European-based banks. In 2013, the company became an independent wealth manager offering a more comprehensive suite of financial services with a larger array of local, regional and European custodian banks.


    This milestone was formally recognized in the change of name from Société Financière de Beyrouth to SFB SAL. Authorized and regulated by the Banque du Liban as a financial institution, and operating from Beirut, SFB enjoys wealth management and wealth planning affiliations in Geneva and Monaco, as well as strategic relationships with some of the largest banks and institutions in the region.


At SFB we strive to deliver an experience beyond merely services. By placing our clients’ interests at the heart of everything we do, we set out to build and cultivate relationships that are continually nurtured over time. Our discreet, personal approach is always combined with the utmost integrity, giving our clients reassurance that investment decisions are made after thorough and rigorous due diligence procedures.
Portfolio Management
& Advisory

Our portfolio management and advisory services take into account your specific financial situation and risk tolerance, and deliver guidance and opportunities to match these.

These services extend from a simple advisory capacity, for those wishing to make their own investment decisions, to discretionary mandates in which the management of assets is delegated to SFB.

In both cases, clients are offered a select array of deals and exclusive investment opportunities in line with their financial aspirations.

Our portfolio management and advisory
services include:

  • Optimal asset allocation established based
    on client’s objectives.
  • Tactical asset allocation integrated to take
    advantage of market opportunities
  • Ongoing monitoring of portfolio and rebalancing
    when needed.
  • Exclusive private equity deals and real estate
    investment opportunities.

Our consolidation services aim to help you understand, at a glance, your global portfolio position and performance statistics across multiple portfolios and custodian institutions.

Specifically, our services comprise the following:

  • Receipt and safe keeping of bank correspondence
  • Verification of portfolio charges by custodian banks
    to ensure agreement with terms
  • Preparation of consolidated portfolio reports showing performance statistics, positions held, liquidity balances and account transactions across entire portfolio
  • Advisory discussions on portfolio optimization and advice on global exposure

Financial institutions are authorized to act in a fiduciary capacity in accordance with the Banque du Liban directives. With such an agreement, a financial institution is authorized, inter alia, to hold assets in trust for another person and act in the best interest of that person.

Clients seeking full discretion benefit from our fiduciary services as the client’s interests come first while their assets are segregated from those of the company and reported off balance sheet.

Estate & Legacy
Planning Services

Our estate and legacy planning services are comprehensive and tailored to suit each client’s specific needs and objectives. These services comprise the establishment and administration of offshore vehicles such as:

  • Private investment companies
  • Trusts
  • Foundations
  • Life insurance solutions
  • Private family funds
  • Securitization vehicles


It takes a very special blend of international industry experience and passion for excellence to meet SFB’s talent criteria. Our team is composed of individuals who possess these qualities and more, each one bringing a unique perspective to what we do. Their proven financial skills are honed to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape, leveraging their strategic insight to best serve the individual needs of clients.


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Beirut, Lebanon